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July 19th, 2010

Morning Coffee: 8am - 9am
Lectures: 9am - 6pm
Afternoon Drinks: 6pm - 7pm



Fairmont Olympic Hotel
411 University St, Seattle, WA


Triple Door
216 Union St, Seattle, WA


Seattle Symphony's Soundbridge
200 University St, Seattle, WA


8am - 3pm

Triple Door
216 Union St, Seattle, WA


Professional game developers: artists, programmers, composers, sound designers, writers, producers, level designers and game designers.


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The Gamesauce Conference, July 19th 2010, is for those who have already discovered the great secret about making games: it’s fun, it’s cool and you get paid to do it. We promise the Gamesauce Conference will be fun and cool—just like making games should be.

Gamesauce is intended to get you to stop doing for a few minutes so that you might spend a little time thinking. Thinking about your place and your purpose and your passion. Thinking about your various opportunities to make a lasting impact on others. Thinking about some bigger questions than "Where are we going for lunch today?"

Questions like these:
1. How can I make my job, my team, my studio better? How can I make all my other developer friends wish they worked here?

2. What can I do to create positive change in the industry? Is there some way that I can make a difference for all of us? Am I going to continue to whine about the crap I don’t like or am I willing to do something to make things better?

3. Is there a way I can use this freaking awesome job to influence the broader social conversation? Or for that matter, what can I put into my next game that will somehow change the world-view of the people who play it?

Please take a look at the schedule below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in July.



GAME DEVELOPMENT, organized by Gamesauce




MOBILE GAME DEVELOPMENT, organized by Nvidia Tegra




AUDIO & MUSIC, organized by the Game Audio Alliance

  Triple Door

The Game Development Track at the Gamesauce Conference is open only to professional game developers in the fields of programming, art, game design, level design, management and production with at least three years of professional game development experience. Credentials will be verified after registration.

The Game Development Track, held the day before Casual Connect Seattle, is a special one-day event focused on the needs of professional game developers—away from the distractions of expo halls and recruiters—the Game Development Track is an ideal place to relax and learn from fellow game developers.

All registered attendees to Casual Connect Seattle 2010 have access to the Game Development Track. If you will not be attending Casual Connect Seattle, development professionals may purchase a special one-day pass for $100.

Track Emcees: Dan Magaha & Chris Taylor

9:00 am



- Jake Simpson, Editor-In-Chief, Gamesauce Magazine


Train: How I Dumped Electricity and Learned to Love Design

How does a game designer fall deeply, passionately in love with their field again? How does one come to believe that the game mechanic is more powerful than photography, paint and the written word? Veteran game designer Brenda Brathwaite chronicles her journey on this path. Returning to her native paper prototyping, Brathwaite started work upon a series of six intentionally non-digital 'gallery games' each designed to explore a difficult topic. Currently working on the fourth game in the series, One Falls for Each of Us, Brenda's work so far has resulted in both awards and the highest praise she's ever received for a game. In this talk, Brathwaite discusses her inspiration for the unlikely series of games, shows work in progress, and provides a postmortem on the most famous game in the series, Train.

- Brenda Brathwaite, Creative Director, Lolapps & IGDA Board Member

10:00 am


How to Train Your Publisher

Do you find that your pitch falls on deaf ears? Once signed, do you find that you have to dig in your heels and demand things be done? Or do you find yourself caving at every request? In this session, Indie developers as well as seasoned studios will have the not-so-accessible opportunity to hear candidly from the "other side of the table." Pick up practical pointers on the importance of relationship management, project planning, and responsibility ownership during the whole life-cycle -- from the pitch, to development, and on through the marketing and distribution process. You will hear how to make the changing market work to your advantage, and how to develop a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with a publisher.

- Jamil Moledina, Outreach Director, Business Development EA Partners & IGDA Board Member

10:30 am


Ten Years of Keeping People Working

Ten years is a long time for a game engine to survive. Bungie has managed to ship four (and soon five) games based off of the Halo engine. In this talk, Mat will go over one of the critical components of that engine, the tag system. The tag system is how everyone at Bungie thinks about and works with content, from designers who need to populate levels with gameplay and AI encounters, to artists who need to get textures and geometry into the game, to programmers who need to write the features that use all that content. Over the years, it has had to scale to an ever increasing amount of data, all while remaining surprisingly stable and consistent enough for people to get work done. It has been a long and arduous journey, and Mat will be sharing various lessons learned, not only practical but philosophical as well.

- Mat Noguchi, Senior Programmer, Bungie

11:00 am


True Player Driven Stories: How Do We Get There?

In this session, game designer Kent Hudson will outline the current state of story in games ... well, actually he'll talk about things that are super frustrating to him about story in games. Then he'll explore ways in which we can create stories that are truly player-driven and yet carry the emotional impact as hand-crafted narratives. Cuz we really, really need to start creating stories that wouldn't be better as movies or novels.

- Kent Hudson, Lead Multiplayer Designer, 2K Marin

11:30 am


Designer Vs Coders : Flawless Victory. How designers can work with coders and nobody dies.

Using anecdotes of his own and from friends, Dan makes suggestions on how programmers and designers can get on better instead of needlessly bickering all the time. Because programmers are stupid, and they smell.

- Dan Boutros

12 noon


Leadership: How Every Single One of Us Can Make a Difference

When we think of a leader, we may have visions of the president of a major corporation or maybe even the leader of a nation; but, leadership encompasses much more than an all-powerful position and droves of followers. It is something each and everyone of us is capable of and has a responsibility to develop. Come hear about how you can enact positive change regardless of your experience level or position in your company.

- Bob Berry, co-Founder & CEO Uber Entertainment
- Jason Robar, VP Amazing Society - A Gazillion Entertainment Game Studio
- Jeff Pobst, Founder & CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment
- Megan Gaiser, CEO, Her Interactive

- Moderated by: Jeff Kalles, Penny Arcade

Lunch served, catered by WildGinger

1:00 pm


You're Doing It Wrong: The Creation and Survival of Runic Games.
How to avoid alcoholism. Stories of running a company from someone who's never done it before.

During a year of economic downturn and the closure of countless studios, how Runic Games survived and released their first title. These are Travis’ observations on what worked, what didn't, and what was absolutely most important to their success ( it's the people! ). If you've ever fantasized about starting your own shop, Travis will give you an unvarnished tour of the steps involved in their own startup.

- Travis Baldree, Project Director & Engineer, Runic Games

1:30 pm


Just Getting Started

The role of emergence in gaming and the part it plays in the future of the medium.

- Ian Fischer, Design Director, Robot Entertainment

2:00 pm


Q&A: The Evolution of the FPS

A question and answer session with John Romero, one of the early pioneers of the FPS genre, relates his experiences and thinking on the evolution of this paradigm.

- John Romero, President, Gazillion Entertainment
- Interview by Rick Johnson, Programmer, Valve

2:30 pm


Motivating Casual Players in An Online Game

Many online games rely on leveling up, stat increases, and item unlocking for the carrots that retain players. Sony Online Entertainment launched Free Realms as one of the first, large casual MMOs, and learned a lot in the first year about what motivates casual players to play, return, and spend money. This presentation presents examples of alternative player motivation and progression, using games like Free Realms, Pogo and Farmville for development examples. It includes a methodology that steps you through the usual and some unusual choices in player motivation techniques. It also takes a critical look at how casual games, social games and large brands are innovating in player progression and motivation.

- Laralyn McWilliams, Senior Producer, Sony Online Entertainment

3:00 pm


Practical Applications for Art Outsourcing

In order to provide the volume of content needed to compete in today’s market, the use of outsourcing is a necessity. However, is one outsourcer the same as someone in house? This session will examine realistic expectations for quality and ways to bridge the gaps between artists that are in and out of house in a way that maximizes your outsourcing dollar.

- Greg Foertsch, Art Director, Firaxis Games

3:30 pm


How Nine Women Can Have A Baby In A Month: Making the Most of Multiple Cores
Efficient Asynchronous Engine Design for the PS3 and 360

In the hectic, time-pressured world of game engine creation, engine architecture for new hardware starts from the most readily available solutions. This has lead many developers to build current generation multi-platform engines based on simplistic context-free multi-threaded job schedulers. In this talk, John contends that, not only is this inefficient, but it spreads inefficiencies throughout the game; and John presents an alternative model for building a robust, and easy to maintain, high-performance multi-core engine.

- John Harries

  Metropole Room at Fairmont Hotel

Take a look inside the secret world of funding and exits! For most of us game developers funding and M&A is something we know we need to learn more about, but rarely have the time or resources to explore the topic fully. Join us for a four hour crash course discussing the positives and negatives of funding as well as what to do with your company once you are successful. Track is emceed by Nat Burgess, before entering the world of finance 14 years ago Nat worked in the games industry for Activision.

In its second year, the Alternative Funding & Exit Strategies Track at the Gamesauce Conference, held the day before Casual Connect Seattle, is a special one-day event organized by the Corum Group and is focused on helping small business owners understand the pros and cons of funding strategies.

All registered attendees to Casual Connect Seattle 2010 have access to the Alternative Funding & Exit Strategies Track. If you will not be attending Casual Connect Seattle, development professionals may purchase a special one-day pass for $100.

Track Emcee: Nat Burgess, Corum Group

3:00 pm


Mergers and Acquisitions: Market Overview

Corum Group presents a 10,000 foot view of the industry's consolidation, trends & drivers, and expectations for the coming few years in-and-around gaming, social, and media. Analysis presented by Dougan Milne, Director of Research for the Corum Group.

- Dougan Milne, Director of Research, The Corum Group

4:00 pm


Selling Up and Selling Out

Corum Group takes us through a condensed, 60-minute bootcamp on how to prepare your software/internet company for an eventual strategic sale. Nat Burgess will walk us through the 5 vital steps of Preparation, Valuation, Structure, Due Diligence, and Negotiations. The expanded version of this presentation has been running in major cities around the world for over 20 years, helping founders and CEO's create additional value for their companies.

- Nat Burgess, President, The Corum Group

5:00 pm


M&A Interview with the Buyers

This forum will put 4 of the biggest names in the gaming industry on the stage for a round-robin of Q&A. What are buyers looking for in acquisition targets -- Stable founders, creativity, headcount, revenue, profitability, market potential, or all of the above?

- Ian Atkinson, THQ
- Dan Winters, Activision
- Sean Phinney, Playdom
- Robert Goldberg, Zynga

moderated by: Nat Burgess, President, Corum Group

6:00 pm


Funding: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

What are the positives and negatives of angel, bootstrapping, publishing and VC funding? What is right for your endeavor? What are the risks associated with each funding type? Why do VC's shy away from pure content plays? What do the different stages of funding, such as seed & rounds mean?

- Margaret Wallace, co-Founder & CEO, Playmatics

  Spanish Ballroom at Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Android mobile devices offer explosive new opportunities for content developers. In its first year, the Mobile Game Development Track at the Gamesauce Conference, held the day before Casual Connect Seattle, is a special one-day event focused on leveraging the horsepower of NVIDIA(r)
Tegra(tm) to differentiate your game and to deliver the best consumer experience. Join us to learn about the hardware and tools that can help you quickly build games and applications that scale easily from mobile-phone-size displays to resolutions as high as 1080p, and hear firsthand from middleware companies and developers like Unity, Ideaworks, Natural Motion, Adobe, and more who have already adapted their engines and content to this new platform.

9:00 am


Performance Gaming on Android

Bill Rehbock, GM of Tegra mobile content at NVIDIA will discuss the future of gaming on NVIDIA® Tegra™-powered mobile devices. The combination of Android and the new Tegra mobile processor offers a new world of power, allowing game developers to push the content envelope to deliver an incredible consumer experience on a new generation of mobile devices.

- Bill Rehbock, GM of Mobile Content, NVIDIA

10:00 am


Fast and Pretty: Making Responsive, Quality 3D Content on Android

When paired with high-performance, low-power mobile processors like the NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile Web processor, Android can provide users with beautiful, smooth gaming experiences, provided that the developer can harness this power effectively. This presentation will cover numerous tricks, guidelines and recommendations that maximize responsiveness of 3D games and multimedia applications on Android and help avoid common pitfalls. Specific discussion will cover the Java-to-native code JNI interfaces and how to use them to best advantage. We will also discuss Android’s notion of an application’s “lifecycle”, a pivotal concept in creating applications that play well. Finally, we will present 3D content recommendations for application developers to maximize the visual impact of their applications while providing high frame rates.

- Lars M. Bishop, Mobile Developer Technologies Engineer, NVIDIA

11:00 am


Androids of the World Unite: Using Unity to Extend The Reach Of Mobile Development

With the advent of powerful mobile processors like the NVIDIA Tegra, developers are now free to extend their mobile gaming aspirations onto a whole new world of highly capable devices. From mobile phones and handsets, to tablets and more, Unity provides developers with intuitive and powerful tools to address the burgeoning Android market. We will demonstrate the new Unity 3.0 development environment and show how easy it is to create original content designed specifically for these new devices, along with some working demos running on actual hardware. In addition, we will demonstrate how easy it is to migrate existing Unity iPhone projects to Android devices and cover best practices for optimization on Tegra.

- Tony Garcia, Director Business Development, Unity Technologies

1:00 pm


JIL and China Mobile's Gaming Platform

This presentation will provide you with a high-level overview of Joint Innovation Lab's platform strategy for gaming and China Mobile's involvement in the project. In this session, you will also learn about China Mobile's customized Android+ (OMS), Mobile Market, and the ecosystem and opportunities for game developers in this market.

- Robert Zhang, Joint Innovation Lab VP of Product Development, China Mobile

2:00 pm


Using ShiVa 3D on NVIDIA Tegra-Powered Platforms

Stonetrip will present information on developing for the ShiVa 3D platform and discuss how creators can maximize performance in their applications targeted at NVIDIA® Tegra™- powered platforms. Including top optimization techniques and a general overview on the creation and export process using ShiVa 3D, this session will give attendees an understanding of the power of the platform and the tools they need when developing for NVIDIA Tegra-powered mobile devices.

- Philip Belhassen, CEO and Co-Founder, Stonetrip

3:00 pm


Substance: AAA Textures for NVIDIA Tegra

This session will focus on Substance and the substances, a middleware solution and a library of dynamic, lightweight AAA-looking textures dedicated to NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile processors. Come learn how this technology and library of samples allows the production of very high quality content without extreme skills (think Gears of War textures in minutes for Tegra). Also, see how the very compact nature of the substances makes them perfect for on-the-air distribution (think 2K textures in 2KB).

- Dr. Sébastien Deguy, Founder and CEO, Allegorithmic

4:00 pm


Adobe Flash and Air – Mobile Games Fast!

Adobe Flash and Air on tablets and smartphones creates huge new opportunities for you to distribute your content authored with the awesome Flash toolchain. But, coding for mobile brings new challenges as well as opportunities, and the best mobile games will fully embrace the unique characteristics of this new generation of devices. This session will explore how Flash will enable you to create portable, rich Internet content that runs on many, many mobile devices – and how to create Flash applications that full exploit the power of mobile accelerated Flash 10.1 on NVIDIA® Tegra™-based devices.

- Ryan Stewart, Flash Platform Evangelist, Adobe
- Richard Seis, Mobile Developer Technologies Engineer, NVIDIA

5:00 pm


Fireside Chat: Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Tegra -- A Powerful Combination

Join Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games and Bill Rehbock, GM of Mobile Content at NVIDIA for a fireside chat focused on the future of mobile gaming powered by the Unreal Engine and the NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile processor. The Unreal Engine has been one of the best and most used game engines on the PC and it surely is positioned to be an engine of many A+ games on Tegra and other mobile platforms. 

- Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games
- Bill Rehbock, GM of Mobile Content, NVIDIA

  Metropole Room, Fairmont Hotel

Strong leaders and engaged employees are what make the games industry successful. So, take this opportunity to focus on YOUR personal development. You are the industry's best kept secret!

In its second year, the Leadership & Professional Development Track at the Gamesauce Conference, held the day before Casual Connect Seattle, is a special one-day event organized by Women in Games International, Women in Games Vancouver and the IGDA Women in Games and is focused on personal development.

All registered attendees to Casual Connect Seattle 2010 have access to the Leadership & Professional Development Track. If you will not be attending Casual Connect Seattle, development professionals may purchase a special one-day pass for $100.

Track Emcee: Margaret Wallace, CEO Playmatics

9:00 am


Vertical and Lateral Promotion and Advancement: Taking Pro-Active Steps toward Your Dream Job

Interested in a job promotion or a switch? Panelists provide a practical guide on how to make that desired move, be it vertical or lateral. Learn what it takes to persuade upper management to land that dream job quicker.

- Shanna Tellerman, Wild Pockets
- Lori Inman, Microsoft
- Mary-Margaret Walker, CEO Mary Margaret Network
- Moderator: Perrin Kaplan, Zebra Partners

(Organized by Women in Games International)

9:30 am


Self-Promotion: How to be Your Own PR Firm

In today’s competitive environment, employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers need to continually promote achievements and work experience to further their careers. These accomplished panelists give practical advice on how to self-promote without seeming boastful or inappropriate. Learn how to develop a brand presence that won’t alienate potential allies, how to effectively use social networks and how to work with journalists.

- Sande Chen, WIGI
- Jessica Rovello, Arkadium
- Kimberly Unger, CEO Bushi-go, Inc.
- Moderator: Perrin Kaplan, Zebra Partners

(Organized by Women in Games International)

10:00 am


Building the Next Generation of Rockstars

The video game industry is a competitive market; however there is one critical factor that can help professionals build a solid foundation and become a rockstar in their respective career, a mentor. This panel will review the personal stories of industrial professionals and the mentor(s) in their lives, discussing how they found their mentor(s), the critical milestones in their careers and how they were able to overcome the situations successfully… or not, what they could have done differently in order to avoid the same pitfalls.

This panel will also touch on the importance of mentoring in the video game industry to build diversity within the workplace, particularly among groups with minority representation.

- Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, C.E.O. of Silicon Sisters Interactive Inc. and Chair, WIGI Vancouver
- Karen Clark, Senior Project Manager, Electronic Arts and committee member for GameMentorOnline
- Chris Oltyan, Director of Product Development, ZeeGee Games and committee member for GameMentorOnline
- Cordy Rierson, Director of Talent Acquisition, Microsoft Game Studios
- Moderator: Fiona Cherbak, ThemePark Studios

(Organized by IGDA Women in Games)

11:00 am


Successful Female Game Devs Speak: It Pays to Hire Women in Games

Yes, we do need more women in the game industry! We need to make sure girls and women are aware of the opportunities, and make sure employers are aware of the benefits.

Q: What do you get when you hire women to develop games?

A: Successful, fun games that sell! Come hear women from different experience levels, companies, and genres share their experiences in the game industry, plus the learnings and successful games that resulted.

- Maryann Klingman, Senior Producer, PlayFirst
- Prof. Carrie Heeter, Michigan State University
- Anne Grant, Game Production Manager, Her Interactive
- Brenda Brathwaite, Creative Director, Lolapps

- Moderator: Solveig Pederson Zarubin, Producer, PlayFirst

(Organized by IGDA Women in Games)

12 noon


Leadership: How Every Single One of Us Can Make a Difference

Lunch catered by WildGinger and served at the Triple Door, 216 Union Street.

1:00 pm


Follow Your Bliss: Doing what you love, working in games

Bryna Dabby, Producer, Smoking Gun Interactive
Joe Nickolls, Senior Producer, Electronic Arts Canada
Tara Mustapha, Designer, Big Park
Moderator: Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, C.E.O. of Silicon Sisters Interactive Inc. and Chair, WIGI Vancouver

(Organized by Women in Games Vancouver)

2:00 pm


Putting Your Best Foot Forward: A guide to games art portfolio presentation

- Rick Stringfellow, Senior Art Director, Electronic Arts Canada
- Erin Olorenshaw, Lead Animator, Independent
- Kathryn Liu, Interface Art Director and Designer, Independent (currently at EA Canada)
- Benjamin Cammarano, Director of Central Media, Microsoft Game Studios
- Moderator: Zoe Curnoe, Development Director, Electronic Arts Canada

(Organized by Women in Games Vancouver)

3:00 - 4:00 pm



Roundtable #1: Starting & Running a Small Business
*A practical discussion including specific resources for both American and Canadian small businesses.
- Facilitator: Jenny Martin, Red i Studios

Roundtable #2: Marketing Outside the Box (There is No Box)
*Changing Your Perspective from Boxed Product to DDC – from a marketing perspective. Experienced Marketing gurus share some ideas and facilitate dialogue about the new marketing paradigm
- Facilitator: Sarita Churchill, Games Portfolio Manager, RealGames

Roundtable #3: Working with 3rd Parties
*Whether working with external coders or 3rd Party art studios, this session will explore the challenges & some concrete solutions to building a game with external partners.
- Facilitators:
Adrian Crook, Game Consultant
Ted Nugent, CEO, Genius Factor Games
Michelle Parent, Assistant Producer, EA Pogo

Roundtable #4: Platforms – Where Should I Launch My Game?
*The session will explore the various platforms & opportunities & barriers to each one.
- Facilitator: Sean Murch, Head of Business Development, Next Level Games

(Organized by Women in Games Vancouver)

  Seattle Symphony's Soundbridge

Know nothing about music and sound and afraid to admit it? Quite the virtuoso? Somewhere in between? Come one come all… you are surely aware that game music has an abundant history and that exceptional, top-selling games have creative, first-rate, and “sticky” sound. The Audio Track, proudly in its fourth year, has much to offer not only aspiring and current audio professionals, but also game developers and producers who hire others to create music and sound.

The seasoned, respected and fun-loving industry leaders from the Game Audio Alliance are coming together to share secrets of their trade, discuss all aspects of sound creation, design and composition, answer YOUR burning questions and teach you how to have the most successful relationship possible between audio and game creators while conveying and realizing your aural vision at any budget. There is NEVER an excuse for bad audio, PERIOD. Quality music, sound effects and voice-overs bestow an opportunity for your game to jut out from all the rest. We are sure that YOU can learn a lot about audio and creating excellent sounding games from this track so please stop on by to the Soundbridge Room, located behind Benaroya Hall.

1:00 pm


Game Music & Sound History: From Pong to Final Fantasy

The goal of this session is to bestow game developers, musicians and sound engineers an opportunity to become more aware of the rich history and significance of game audio. We will explore the past, present and future from very primitive “bleeps and bloops,” through chip tunes, General MIDI, and all the way up to fully orchestrated scores and even experimental soundscapes. We will travel to Japan and meet several major key players who were instrumental in bringing about worldwide recognition of game music as an art form. After trekking some other places in the world, we will journey home to the good ol’ USA. Then, you can take this information to make some informed choices about which direction to go with the audio of your next game you work on, and also perhaps discover some new directions. And then you can say you are worldly, even if you’ve never actually been to Japan.

- Aaron Walz, Walz Music

2:00 pm


How Do I Pimp My Game Audio?

There are no excuses for bad game audio in this day and age. With audio production quality on the rise, we'll explore different methods of augmenting the quality bar of your game's audio and subsequently its worth, impact and immersive impact to the player. The session will comprise of the three disciplines of game audio production: Music, Sound Effects and Voice-overs. Areas of discussion will include the improvement of music created using sample libraries with real musicians and live orchestras, using field recording and Foley to create unique sounds for your game, and swapping your eager yet admittedly amateur friends, family and officemates with professional voice acting talent. You will ascertain and hear the level of quality and superiority of product that can be achieved by understanding and implementing the processes outlined in the session and using knowledgeable audio people to achieve your goals. You want great and original visual art in your games, right? Well here is how you can have stellar sound. The discussion will include audio and visual examples of each topic.

- Barry Dowsett & Kevin Tone, Soundrangers

3:00 pm


Fun In Soundville: Exploring the World of Audio for Social and Online Games

One could argue that online game audio should be considered more important than audio in longer format games because there is so much less of it, therefore much more repetition. So if not made with the proper design aesthetic it can drive the user completely insane, causing the undesirable “mute button factor.” Sound should enhance the user experience, not create a cacophony that compels you to switch it off. What exactly is an online game and how does audio production in the social game space differ from audio for console and PC games? What synergies exist between the two genres? What tools are used? How much music and SFX does the average online game contain? What audio formats are used? Are there file size restrictions? How is voice work handled? How do we handle smaller budgets? A panel of audio pros from the Game Audio Alliance will answer these and other burning questions. Developers and audio pros alike will leave with a clear understanding of the audio design process as it applies to games in the online space.

- moderated by: Greg Rahn, Soundmindz

4:00 pm


Game Audio Experts Spill Their Guts and Answer Your Burning Questions

Are you a game developer, producer or publisher with burning audio questions? Are you already in audio and just want to see what other audio folks are doing? Come hang out with us and we will respond to your inquiries. There will be topics ready to discuss in case you are shy, run out of questions or are just overwhelmed from all the information you’ve been soaking up. So, don’t miss out on a chance to learn and ask all about game audio!

Some of the topics that may be covered are:
 > low budgets, industry rates & maintaining high quality
 > composition techniques
 > the design document process
 > business considerations (marketing, legal, etc)
 > audio formats, quality, size, limitations
 > balancing artistic integrity vs. client needs
 > contract options: licensing versus royalties versus buyout
 > pros and cons of licensing existing material vs. paying more for original
 > audio is only 10% of an average total game budget… thoughts on this?

- moderated by: Jesse Holt

5:00 pm


Game Developers & Audio Professionals: Successful Interaction is a Win-Win

Let’s navigate the ever-changing and sometimes treacherous, yet beautiful landscape of cooperation and symbiosis between audio and game developers so that you may realize your visions and exceed all expectations to produce outstanding and renowned games. The panel participants present vastly differing perspectives, experience, advice and horror stories with the aim of streamlining and improving YOUR vital exchanges between audio and game developers. What are the expectations of the audio professional you are outsourcing to? Are they aligned with those of the game developer? We will chat about traditional games as well as the new social game model, which transforms in tangent with users.