Ten Years of Keeping People Working – Mat Noguchi, Bungie

Ten years is a long time for a game engine to survive. Bungie has managed to ship four (and soon five) games based off of the Halo engine. In this talk, Mat will go over one of the critical components of that engine, the tag system. The tag system is how everyone at Bungie thinks about and works with content, from designers who need to populate levels with gameplay and AI encounters, to artists who need to get textures and geometry into the game, to programmers who need to write the features that use all that content. Over the years, it has had to scale to an ever increasing amount of data, all while remaining surprisingly stable and consistent enough for people to get work done. It has been a long and arduous journey, and Mat will be sharing various lessons learned, not only practical but philosophical as well.

– Mat Noguchi, Senior Programmer, Bungie



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