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Tal Jacobson: Moving the App World Beyond Downloads | Casual Connect Video

November 24, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'TV is shifting from a consuming mode to an engagement mode.' - Tal JacobsonTweet Me

The gaming industry is dominated by several well-known giants who get the biggest piece of the pie. The most important question for the rest of the industry is: How large is the remainder? This informative talk by Tal Jacobson, Cheif Revenue Officer at Similar Web, dove deep into the mobile app economy, looking past download rankings to truly understand usage, engagement and retention trends. During his talk at Casual Connect Tel Aviv, Tal expressed, “Getting featured has nothing to do with luck. You really need to build a relationship with the guys that choose the games that get featured. Ask them, ‘What do I need to do to get featured?’. There are companies that are built on this.”

Studio Spotlight

Neopix Hoping to Drive Global Change with Gamers

November 24, 2015 — by Casey Rock


Neopix has been in the digital services industry for over three years – building websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, interactive programs for airports and malls, and more. The company’s employees share a special camaraderie – hanging out over beers and even vacationing together. Employees are welcome to voice their opinions at all times, feedback is often sought from others, and everyone feels valued.

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Mystery Case Files: The Making Of a Two-Headed Monster

November 23, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Eipix Entertainment is a game development studio based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Founded in 2005 by a small group of friends, today it is a home to about 300 people. With the current output of 25 hidden object puzzle adventure (HOPA) games a year, it’s safe to say it is the most productive HOPA studio in the world, with its sights set on branching out into other video game genres.

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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud – The Release Postponed Because the Game Evolved

November 23, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


The company of ARATOG was founded in early 2012, and is based in Odesa, Ukraine. Their CEO and founder  Arseniy Nazarenko  has been in the games industry for almost 13 years. He started at Nival in the Blitzkrieg 2 project, and has also worked at NikitovaPersha Studia‘s outsoucing company, having made dozens of titles for leading industry companies for various platforms. In 2006 Arseniy also headed the Ukrainian department of Vogster Entertainment and the Crime Craft project. His last for-hire project was the browser MMOG strategy My Lands, released in 2010. And only after this one Arseniy got a possibility to start his own studio and project. Now ARATOG also includes 15 other people united by their passion for games and game development; a passion that has pushed them to use Unity to develop cross-platform games, including Web, PC ( Web, Mac OS, Linux), iOS and Android with single server on cluster technology.
Their first big project is Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, and it’s this story that Arseniy shares.
In addition to this game, the company has produced a variety of others, such as Hungry Mouth and Crazy Sapper. 

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Shelley Lau: Investing in Early Stage Startups | Casual Connect Video

November 19, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'The advance of mobile phone and technologies will continuously enhance games.' - Shelley LauTweet Me

Traditionally, game studios don’t fit the same profile and growth horizon as other technology companies seeking external funding such as venture capital. In a talk given at Casual Connect USA, Shelley Lau, managing partner of IPC Ventures, covered the nuts and bolts of building the next “ventures” in the mobile gaming space that, in turn, will be on par with other tech startups to take advantage of the ecosystem of venture capital and startups and hit the critical mass. “Think from the perspective of your investor. It’s not easy to be in the business. It’s not easy for them and it’s not easy for you. Just try to be collaborative. Try to think of a win win situation for both of you.”


The Evolution of Engaging Games

November 18, 2015 — by Bob Heubel from Immersion


By: Bob Heubel, Senior Manager, Gaming & Content Services at Immersion Corporation

Video games weren’t always played at home. When the industry first started, video games were found in arcades alongside rows of pinball machines. From the beginning the very idea of playing a video game was engaging to players because they could interact with content on a video display like never before. This was a novel idea; unlike starring passively into TV screens. Now they could compete and challenge others just like pinball, but with fictional environments as wild as their imagination.

USA 2015Video Coverage

Bart van den Berg on How Early Stage Playtesting Helped Us Build Better Games | Casual Connect Video

November 18, 2015 — by Emily Baker


Bart van den BergSo, you’ve just finished your casual game. Spent 6 months of development, setup social media channels, and gathered contacts. It’s going to be awesome! Your head is buzzing: acquisition, discoverability, monetization, retention rates. Yet, you’re stuck with a limited budget and the challenge to find and attract players. You need this to be a hit! Yup. I’ve been there. What if you could get valuable insight from players after only one day of development? Bart van den Berg, Co-founder and CEO of Blue Giraffe presented a postmortem at Casual Connect USA on how they use focus testing, play testing and bonded with players over prototypes. He advised,”Start playtesting from concept. Players love the connection, give great feedback and evangelize your game!”

Tel Aviv 2015Video Coverage

Yonatan Dotan: Creating ASO Best Practices | Casual Connect Video

November 18, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

We see every tool as an opportunity to improve, grow, and deliver better results.' - Yonatan DotanTweet Me

App Store Monetization is a must but it is not always approached in the right way. In this talk from Casual Connect Tel Aviv, given by Yonatan Dotan, he covered the many things a company may be doing wrong and how to overcome them. “For those who aren’t believers yet, 63% all of users find applications through search. Despite that, 83% of apps are virtually invisible in search.” One way to address this is to eliminate keywords that no one would actually use to search for your game.” Get a qualified overview of the channel and process, hear best practices, and get answers to questions about optimization of the app store. Tune in to the talk below to get some worthwhile tips from the Vice President of inbound marketing at yellowHEAD.