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Zygobot’s Accidental Odyssey: The Divey Jones Series

September 30, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


The story of Divey Jones: Bitey Shark (and, more specifically, the entire line of Divey Jones games) stems from one of those circumstances where you really don’t know you’re making a game until it’s almost done. You think you’re just prototyping an idea, you think you’re just tinkering and learning new tools and skills…and suddenly you have a viable product. You look at your teammates and say, “Hey, with a little push, this could be a shippable game!” –  Zygobot founders and developers Roy Papp and John Amos thought. John tells what happened next.

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Dissonance: A Thesis Project becomes Indie Prize USA 2015 Most Innovative Game

September 25, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Dissonance is a puzzle-adventure game developed by Zi Li as her Master thesis project at the University of Southern California. After spending 6 months exploring different concepts during thesis preparation class, she started a digital prototype. The goal was to make a fun game that exposes people’s cognitive conflicts. The development team spent several months exploring some balanced core mechanics. Eventually, they came up with the idea of using dimensional spaces to reflect the psychological concept of cognitive dissonance.

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Penguins Of The North: Impressions and Learnings for the Developer and Players

September 24, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


OWLNIGHT (all uppercase letters) or usually known as mamoniem (all lowercase letters by the way) is that entity that is focused on making weird indie games. You can call it a company, team or a mini studio: it’s just one guy making games all the time (with some support from his great wife, friends and people around) & passionate about anything that is related to games. Muhammad A. Moniem made this decision a long time ago: that he will start making games in his free time rather than doing freelance work. It was a hard decision. It was hard to replace what brings money with what takes money, but he decided to go for that risk.

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Star Chef: Your Early Adopters Should Define Your Roadmap

September 21, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


“I want to tell you an incredible story, not just an indie postmortem with lots of great numbers, pretty pictures, tutorial funnels, core loops, etc. of yet another great game. This should be something different that hopefully you have never read before”, says 99Games‘ business performance manager Filippo De Rose as he shares the story of Star Chef, the game he showcased at Indie Prize USA 2015.


Everything mobile game developers need to know about app store optimization

September 15, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Guest post by Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat. VentureBeat’s seventh annual gaming conference, GamesBeat is taking place at the Grand Hyatt Union Square on October 12 – 13 in San Francisco. The event will feature speakers from Oculus, Epic Games, Twitch, The Coca-Cola Company, Lionsgate, First Round Capital, and The Walt Disney Company. To learn more about GamesBeat and reserve your spot, click here.

As user acquisition costs soar, mobile-game developers are looking for alternatives to getting users. One of the best ways, and sometimes most overlooked, is obtaining users organically through app store optimization (ASO). This basically means that developers have to ensure that their keywords, their descriptions, their icons, and all their metadata makes their app easily discoverable amid a sea of a few million apps.

Left to right: Alex Malafeev of Sensor Tower, Blake Pollack of The ASO Project, Jeet Niyogi of Playtika Canada, and Yonatan Dotan of YellowHead. Image Credit: VentureBeat

I moderated a session on app store optimization at the recent Casual Connect game conference in San Francisco. Our speakers included Yonatan Dotan, the vice president of inbound marketing at YellowHead; Alex Malafeev, the founder of Sensor Tower; Jeet Niyogi, the marketing director at Playtika Canada; and Blake Pollack, the chief marketing officer at The ASO Project. These guys showed it takes real expertise to master ASO because every developer is different.


The Ad Blocking Fight is Over

September 15, 2015 — by Adam Salamon Co-Founder & COO of Perk


Adam Salamon is co-founder and COO of Perk/Appsaholic

It’s over. Users have won the ad blocking fight. And the recent iOS 9 release that includes ad blocking, along with AdBlock’s new browser for iOS and Android, prove that publishers are the losers. Users have the control. It’s been a trend we’ve seen over the last decade, so how did the ad-tech industry believe it would end any differently?

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Scribbled Arena: Cross-platform Multiplayer Warfare with Casual Vibes

September 2, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Make way for some sweet multiplayer addiction: Scribbled Arena in the house! – as told by Laxmi Khanolkar, CEO of Apar Games. She calls it a dream project for all of them at the company, The game is a unique cross-breed between adrenaline-pumping action and casual unwinding gameplay. If you’re a person who really digs upgrades like cooler ammunition and vehicles, you will definitely be spoilt for choices! Like to keep it simple and classic? Don’t worry, you will enjoy it too because it can be as easy-peasy lemon-squeezy as you’d want it. 


Gaming the System with Checkout Tracking Data

August 17, 2015 — by NPD


By Liam Callahan, Director, Games Industry Analyst at The NPD Group

According to NPD, year-to-date (January-June) mobile game revenues have topped $1.36 billion, an increase of 16% over the same period last year.

With more than 1.2 million apps in the Apple App Store, it’s increasingly difficult for new games to attract attention, let alone encourage downloads. Today, it’s more important than ever to hone in on audience behavior to better drive marketing strategy. NPD Group’s Checkout Tracking offers three ways to help game developers and marketers boost brand loyalty and remain competitive in this crowded space.

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Steampunker: How Visual Tools Helped an Amateur Make a Game

August 11, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Amateur – a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons. Compare professional. First things first. Let’s start with who I am, to provide enough background for what is to follow”, says Mariusz Szypura, the creative director of the Telehorse studio, as he shares the story of Steampunker.