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GameTuner: Session Beta with Leonard Frankel | Casual Connect Video

September 27, 2015 — by Emily Baker

Leonard Frankel is the Head of Business Development at Plarium

Some of Plarium‘s finest game designers gathered to dissect existing games and tune them up – specifically, a few of the games presented at the Indie Prize Showcase here at Casual Connect! We looked into them and found some changes that might improve their monetization, engagement or retention. During his session GameTuner: Session Beta which was given at Casual Connect Asia. Leonard Frankel presented their findings on Pop Puff and Away!, Shaman Showdown, and Vimala Defense WarloardsAs Plarium’s Head of BD, Leonard shared, “If you want to give players a better sense of progression and discovery, you can try to give players a map. It could go vertical, horizontal, or even round as it best fits.” This and many other tips could be applicable to you and your development endeavors.

Asia 2015Video Coverage

Itay Rokni: When Brain Meets Beauty | Casual Connect Video

September 24, 2015 — by Emily Baker


irokniJoin the CMO of StartApp Itay Rokni in his case studies of successful native ad campaigns with the combination of tailor made design and powerful optimization. During his session at Casual Connect Asia, Itay explained, “In app purchase works great for the high end games, for the best successful companies in the world, but it’s not enough and it can’t be enough when launching a new game”.

USA 2015Video Coverage

Adam Ben-David: Making the Tools for Monetization | Casual Connect Video

September 21, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'It was awesome to see the tool we built solving a true challenge.' - Adam Ben-DavidTweet Me

Mobile games are evolving right before our eyes, breaking all development stereotypes, and the use of advertising is no exception. Join Supersonic’s Head of Publisher Operations, Adam Ben-David, in his lecture entitled Turning Ad Formats Into App Features at Casual Connect USA. He gave insights on how premium publishers like EA, JellyButton Games, and Game Hive leverage rewarded video ads into their mobile advertising experience, effectively turning mobile ads into app features. One insight into advertising that he offered was, “The general idea is in thinking about your application with advertising in end-to-end design as a complete package for the user verses having a fully finished product with a bunch of ad-ons. Just sticking some ads on there is kind of a tackier experience, the quality is not as good and the outcome is obviously not as powerful”.

Europe 2015Video Coverage

In-Game Monetization with Martine Spaans | Casual Connect Video

September 7, 2015 — by Emily Baker


mspaansDuring Casual Connect Europe Martine Spaans was part of a panel, In-Game Ad Monetization. Martine has her own mobile publishing label in cooperation with FGL Mobile. This panel did not focus on “hands on” suggestions on how to integrate, but rather looked at the topic from more of a business and managerial point of view. Martine observed, “The type of ads are changing. They are becoming more creative. We see ads that are not necessarily interrupting the game play but are adding something to the game play . . If they can get something in return for watching a 30 second video, they will do it over and over again.” Join some of the industry’s leading experts as they shared their thoughts and views on how to best manage and optimize this source of revenue.


3 Themes to Look Out for at Casual Connect USA

August 8, 2015 — by Ellad Kushnir-Matarasso of Growmobile by Perion


Casual Connect returns to the US on August 11th-13th in San Francisco. Featuring dozens of leading speakers from the world of mobile gaming, it’s not surprising that the schedule reveals a number of interesting themes attendees should anticipate. To help you know which trends you can’t miss, here’s our roundup of three major themes likely to dominate the conversation.


7 Hacks for Better Mobile Game Monetization

August 5, 2015 — by Daniel Neumann of ClicksMob


As a mobile game developer, you want to create the best game possible. You have most likely thought long and hard about gameplay and story — two of the most important aspects of a successful game. And the established story likely influenced the art style you chose to fit the world you are creating.

Often forgotten at the development stage, but equally important, is to consider the best way to generate revenue from your hard work. The mobile game market is crowded to say the least, and that’s why effective monetization is so essential for success. Games represent almost 22% of the total number of apps in the Apple Store — every month more than 12,000 new games are submitted. The mobile games revenue global market is also estimated to reach 30 billion USD this year, representing 30% of the total games market. Despite the competition, revenue generated from mobile games lead when looking at app revenue.

Europe 2015Video Coverage

Jendrik Pösche: Leading Teams for Success | Casual Connect Video

July 28, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'Treat the project as the sole of the company.' - Jendrik PöscheTweet Me

Even if you possess the most stunning design, genius developers, a super-engaging idea and a well-developed strategy, a game for a celebrity can still fall flat on its face. Find out Kuulu Interactive Entertainment AG’s secret with Jendrik Pösche at Casual Connect Europe 2015. In his presentation, he advised, “Treat the project as the soul of the company, meaning that everyone has to know what the game is about, has to play the game, has to like the game”. He offered many other key points in making any game, especially when working with celebrities.

ContributionsPR & Marketing

How to Bake Marketing into Every Step of Game Development

July 20, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Jero Juujärvi is the founder of Acquire, Engage and Monetize and has worked as a game designer for Nitro Games.

Being a game developer is one of the riskiest jobs you can have. You can have superb execution and create a vast marketing campaign for your game only to realize that all the money spent on user-acquisition, promotion, PR and game launch campaigns did not create an effective enough user base to initiate the viral marketing that would yield those millions of free downloads we so vividly dream of. And we can see the successes happening all around us (Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga).

Europe 2015Video Coverage

Saikala Sultanova Works to Balance Monetization, Retention | Casual Connect Video

July 8, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'(In monetizing), keep all players happy without spamming them with ads.' - Saikala SultanovaTweet Me

As part of a developer marketing panel at Casual Connect Europe 2015, Saikala Sultanova discussed all facets of building long-lasting user relations, including opportunities, dilemmas and methods. “There is a marketing mix for a reason”, she commented. “You need to get some of the cross-promos, some of the organic traffic, package your product with lots of features…at the same time, it is very important to include paid traffic.” For more responses from the panel, see the video below.