Studio Spotlight

Neopix Hoping to Drive Global Change with Gamers

November 24, 2015 — by Casey Rock


Neopix has been in the digital services industry for over three years – building websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, interactive programs for airports and malls, and more. The company’s employees share a special camaraderie – hanging out over beers and even vacationing together. Employees are welcome to voice their opinions at all times, feedback is often sought from others, and everyone feels valued.

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Shemer Katz: New Payment Solutions | Casual Connect Video

November 17, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'The more you put into this industry, the more you will achieve.' - Shemer KatzTweet Me

During a joint session Shemer Katz, General Manager of SafeCharge Israel discussed and gave insight into trends in payment strategies. Shemer was joined by client Leopold Maurel, cofounder and Head of Marketing for GGCorp. When seeking a payment solution, Shemer advises, “One of the things you have to consider is the global coverage, the proper risk management solution in order to minimize fraud . . . There are plenty of considerations from the game itself, what your targets are, what your target markets are and so on.”

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Omer Kaplan: Solving Challenges for App Developers | Casual Connect Video

November 9, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

For a team member, he needs one 'who takes initiative and thinks outside of the box.' - Omer KaplanTweet Me

It’s clear that Israel is growing up from startup nation to scale-up nation, growing huge global companies instead of incubating cool products in small startups. But this comes with its own set of problems: as companies grow, so does demand for a bigger hyper-talented workforce; retaining the agility and disruptive innovation that made these companies great is also a challenge as they grow into larger corporate entities; and managing offices around the world can be hard if headquarters remain in Israel. ironSource’s Omer Kaplan addressed these questions and more in his talk about the new Scale Up Nation. During his talk at Casual Connect Tel Aviv, Omer stressed, “The first lesson in the art of global expansion is humility and modesty . . . The second one is patience.”

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Discover Apponomics with Itay Rokni | Casual Connect Video

October 22, 2015 — by Emily Baker

Itay Rokni is the CRO of StartApp

The mobile business has grown up. It’s no longer about great ideas and innovation, but about establishing real business. Investors and shareholders have to invest much more in order to scale up the business and as a result, their due diligence is much more extensive. A great game with a superb user experience is critical but it’s only the first milestone. In Itay Rokni’s lecture, Apponomics delivered at Casual Connect USA, you can learn the answers to questions like: What should the mobile players present to the market? Should you go after venture capital or private investor? How to establish a concrete business model? Remember: “Mobile users get bored all the time. What works now may be working now is not ensured to be working 6 months from now. Always keep innovating.”

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John Rankin and Bee7’s Rewarded Re-Engagement Solution | Casual Connect Video

October 20, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'The games industry is truly driving the growth of the mobile sector.' - John RankinTweet Me

At the recent Casual Connect USA 2015 conference, the Managing Director at Bee7 Limited, John Rankin put user behavior under a microscope, revealing vital insights for developers to help boost retention, re-engagement and monetization in F2P games. Drawing on insight from Bee7’s global network of 250 million MAU, John explored user-led discovery, rewarding game behaviour and interaction as a more effective approaches to monetization, engagement and retention.

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Amy Huang: Helping Startups Become World-class Companies with NetEase | Casual Connect Video

October 19, 2015 — by Casey Rock

'The globalization of mobile games is the next stage in this industry.' - Amy HuangTweet Me

Not all Asian faces look the same. The same can be said for publishers/investors. At Casual Connect USA, Amy Huang, Assistant Vice President of Netease Capital, gave some insights of how picking the right partner will determine success in the Asian market. During her presentation, she stressed, “Make sure that your partner has a shared passion for your game. When you sign with a publisher, meet with the PM. See if the PM really gets your game.” Her portfolio consists of top global game studios from Seattle to Tokyo to Shanghai. NetEase (NTES) is one of the largest game developers/publishers in China and a long time partner of Blizzard Games in China.

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GameTuner: Session Beta with Leonard Frankel | Casual Connect Video

September 27, 2015 — by Emily Baker

Leonard Frankel is the Head of Business Development at Plarium

Some of Plarium‘s finest game designers gathered to dissect existing games and tune them up – specifically, a few of the games presented at the Indie Prize Showcase here at Casual Connect! We looked into them and found some changes that might improve their monetization, engagement or retention. During his session GameTuner: Session Beta which was given at Casual Connect Asia. Leonard Frankel presented their findings on Pop Puff and Away!, Shaman Showdown, and Vimala Defense WarloardsAs Plarium’s Head of BD, Leonard shared, “If you want to give players a better sense of progression and discovery, you can try to give players a map. It could go vertical, horizontal, or even round as it best fits.” This and many other tips could be applicable to you and your development endeavors.

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Itay Rokni: When Brain Meets Beauty | Casual Connect Video

September 24, 2015 — by Emily Baker


irokniJoin the CMO of StartApp Itay Rokni in his case studies of successful native ad campaigns with the combination of tailor made design and powerful optimization. During his session at Casual Connect Asia, Itay explained, “In app purchase works great for the high end games, for the best successful companies in the world, but it’s not enough and it can’t be enough when launching a new game”.

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Adam Ben-David: Making the Tools for Monetization | Casual Connect Video

September 21, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'It was awesome to see the tool we built solving a true challenge.' - Adam Ben-DavidTweet Me

Mobile games are evolving right before our eyes, breaking all development stereotypes, and the use of advertising is no exception. Join Supersonic’s Head of Publisher Operations, Adam Ben-David, in his lecture entitled Turning Ad Formats Into App Features at Casual Connect USA. He gave insights on how premium publishers like EA, JellyButton Games, and Game Hive leverage rewarded video ads into their mobile advertising experience, effectively turning mobile ads into app features. One insight into advertising that he offered was, “The general idea is in thinking about your application with advertising in end-to-end design as a complete package for the user verses having a fully finished product with a bunch of ad-ons. Just sticking some ads on there is kind of a tackier experience, the quality is not as good and the outcome is obviously not as powerful”.

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In-Game Monetization with Martine Spaans | Casual Connect Video

September 7, 2015 — by Emily Baker


mspaansDuring Casual Connect Europe Martine Spaans was part of a panel, In-Game Ad Monetization. Martine has her own mobile publishing label in cooperation with FGL Mobile. This panel did not focus on “hands on” suggestions on how to integrate, but rather looked at the topic from more of a business and managerial point of view. Martine observed, “The type of ads are changing. They are becoming more creative. We see ads that are not necessarily interrupting the game play but are adding something to the game play . . If they can get something in return for watching a 30 second video, they will do it over and over again.” Join some of the industry’s leading experts as they shared their thoughts and views on how to best manage and optimize this source of revenue.